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Hot Stone Massage in Nagpur
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Hot Stone Massage

When you have an aching and tired back and experience constant moral and physical tensions, a rejuvenating Hot Stone Massage will help to recover your body and spirit. A Hot Stone Massage is a mixture of exotic and traditional massage methods. Our Hot Stone Massage incorporates skin manipulation with the use of some hot stones along with gentle pressure. It is designed to specifically allow a deeper penetration of heat into the skin. Hot stones will warm up the body’s deep tissues, relax stiff muscles and detoxify the skin. Smooth hot stones stimulate energy points and increase blood circulation through the body.

Before applying the stones, your therapist will warm up your body using a traditional massage style. After this you will feel the comforting and gentle touch of warm stones, special attention will be made to your spine. The stones will then slowly cool, taking away all of your tension bringing you to a state of complete balance and harmony. Most men who have tried a Hot Stone Massage would never go for a regular massage therapy again. Since Hot Stone Massage often includes both massage techniques and the application of hot stones, it is perfect for treating stiff and aching muscles.

Book a Hot Stone Massage therapy to rejuvenate your body and mind! Get an exotic relaxing massage and shake off your stress and anxiety.

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Nirvana Spa Nagpur offers a variety of massages, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs. If you are getting a massage for the first time, our massage therapist will be happy to advise you on what type of massage would be best for you based on your lifestyle and health. Nirvana Spa offers a wide variety of massages. Everyday stress and physical activities can take a toll on your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Left untreated, stress and tight muscles can wear you down both physically and mentally. But a regular massage at Nirvana Spa Nagpur can help to relieve your aching body, improve your body’s circulation, enhance your flexibility, help you de-stress, and even boost your immune system.

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